Dental Hygienist Salary – More Responsibilities, Higher Pay?

There are many undergraduate and graduate programs that are intended for aspiring dental hygienists. You only need to devote a lot of time and effort to complete the course and earn the credentials. The credentials are important for taking license exams, and the quality of education is significant for the kind of job you will qualify for in the future.

To get the most out of your dental hygienist career, you should choose the state that hires the most number of these professionals at the moment. You may have to adjust yourself to the new environment and get used to the volume of work that comes your way, but the remunerations are staggering. In places like Alaska, for example, dental hygienists can get paid nearly a hundred thousand dollars a year. California is also a good state to start working as a dental hygienist, with the average salary being around ninety thousand dollars annually. There are some states that pay only about sixty thousand a year, but this salary is usually offset by the low cost of living in the area.

The amount of salary is not all there is to this job. In some places, you get the same amount of salary for double the amount of time you spend on the job. There is also the issue of cost of living. Western states generally are more expensive to live in, and so a high-end salary may only cover the basics.

The good news is that once you are certified as a dental hygienist, you can look forward to better employment benefits. You can work in great facilities, including schools, corporate institutions and even some government-sponsored agencies. You can also get benefits like paid vacations and having your dental insurance paid in full by your employer. If you’ve finished your degree in dentistry, you can pursue further studies so that you can specialize. In most cases, the more skills you can offer, the better the pay and the potential to stay employed for the long term.